Welcome to the Fiduciary Guaranty Corporation of America (FIG) Private Information Portal (PIP). PIP is a pass-worded website created to provide certain proprietary information to select parties, viz., prospective investors, employees, strategic partners and clients.

Part I -The Introductory Videos

Welcome to the Decision Age

All exit ramps off the Information Superhighway have led directly into the Decision Age. This video examines the historical foundations of the emergence of the Decision Age and its manifold implications for senior managers, board members, risk officers, insurance underwriters and institutional investors.


Introduction to the Fiduciary Guaranty Value Proposition

The video examines the primary elements of the FIG value proposition, highlighting its impact on boardroom decision making, competitive advantage of the firm, attenuation of fiduciary liability and instantiation of the illusive boardroom transparency.


Plasticity of Concept

Like the computer chip, the decision control technology embedded in FIG’s ad hoc decision audit is amenable to many applications. The commentary explores the some of the most important  utilizations of this decision science-based technologys.


Part II - The Documents Links

The first document link, Introduction of Concept: Managing Boardroom Decision Making – The Transformation of Fiduciary Performance will orient the reader to the value-creation mission, competitive strategy and implicated competitive advantage of the FIG value proposition. The FIG ad hoc Decision Audit engagement is described and discussed

The second document link,  “What’s so Smart about FIG Smart GovernanceTM?”,  explains how Smart GovernanceTM deploys an ecosystem approach to corporate governance – which means that the various governance ecosystem players (viz., the directors and officers, shareholders, bondholders, employees, customers, vendors  and regulators) must all be equitably served by the benefits that accrue from the FIG Smart GovernanceTM value proposition

The third document link, Brief Description of the Behavioral Mechanics of the ad hoc Decision Audit, describes the three stages of the ad hoc Decision AuditTM .


The fourth  document link, A Brief History of Corporate Governance, sketches the history of corporate governance over the last three decades with attention to the critical events and emerging issues that shape governance practices today.


The fifth document link, Throwing Down the Gauntlet: Brandishing a New Value Creation, Risk Attenuation Paradigm for the Delivery of Sophisticated Risk Management Services introduces the FIG paradigm for transferring risk from the Purchaser to the Provider – holding the Provider accountable to its own product/service claims and achieving greater clarity for the Purchaser in making Product and Provider comparisons.  This is a new and radical, customer-centric approach to doing business as a risk management provider.


The sixth document link, Shot Across the Bow: Critical Litigation Pathway for  Holding Boardrooms Accountable will introduce the an insightful new appproach for litigating against Boards that chronically underperform their fiduciary duties. Historically, the plaintiff’s bar has been ineffectual in winning fiduciary suits brought against corporate boards. This document exposes three reasons that account for this litigation management deficiency. The FIG Fiduciary Litigation Management engagement is described and discussed.


The seventh document link, Frequently Asked Questions, addresses questions that interested parties often pose.


The eighth document link, About Us, introduces key members of the FIG Leadership Team, including Directors and Officers.


The ninth document link, Requesting an Exploratory Conversation, provides a simple way to ask a question,  seek additional information or request an appointment to speak with the FIG Leadership Team. Contact Us