Description of Products and Service Offering Videos

Introducing Fiduciary Guaranty’s Board Incubator Program

This video describes a program by which a Board may quickly fill empty seats with qualified Directors who will serve on a temporary basis until permanent Directors can be sourced, trained and installed. 

Introducing Fiduciary Guaranty’s Smart Governance Audit Program

This video describes a specialized audit program that examines the organization’s decision making performance as it contributes to information-flows to the Board. The commentary highlights the Board’s typical dependence on organizational judgement and decision making – along with the sometimes alarming implications of that dependence.

Introducing Fiduciary Guaranty’s Decision Audit Program

This video describes an audit of the decision making processes exhibited during a board meeting. The audit is conducted in the boardroom and applies hands-on remediation techniques that optimize the quality of the board’s deliberation in real time.